Who works at KUBO

Colleagues have their say

Meet your future colleagues! Young, old(er), Westlander or international - everyone's welcome here. We could tell you what you can expect ourselves, but we prefer to let our colleagues have their say. Because they know best what it’s like to work here!

Rik van Teijlingen

Teamleader logistic

 "I work in a company where all the board members are younger than me. I really respect everything they've achieved. If you need anything so that you can do your work better, you get it. We were invited to provide input for the design of this new logistics centre and it was impressed on us that we weren't to consider the costs. We had to think in terms of the best possible solutions. That attitude says a great deal about this company.

Martijn van Winden

Service coördinator

 "Actually, this job rather grew around me. I got a job at KUBO without having the specific training required here. But they must have seen something in me and this job developed from various tasks. That says a lot about this family firm. You're seen and valued, the threshold to the management is low and there's a great team spirit."

Dennis van leijde


 "I've been doing this job for five years and I think that KUBO's a great company. You can see that it's a family firm. The mindset is: we do it together. And that's reflected in the investments. The profits are reinvested, so that we can constantly improve and innovate and I can continue to surprise my clients."

Nathalie van den ende

Marketing & Communication

 "At KUBO, there's a lot of attention for the employees. That means, among others, that you can continue developing. In fact, I'm a good example of that. I started work in production, where I made drawings for the laser cutter. I joined the company without a clear profession or training, but they saw something in me. When someone left the administration department, they asked if I could take their place. First for half of my time and later full time. And then one day, Wouter, our director, asked whether I'd like to take responsibility for the communications. I had 24 hours to think about it, because 'if you give a woman a week, she still won't have decided'. I said yes."

Which direction do you want to go? Send an open application!

At the KUBO Group, all directions are open. Sales or production? Implementation or management? The choice is yours. As a growing company, we regularly have vacancies at different levels. If there's a place where you can expand your horizon, it will be at the KUBO Group. People are at the centre of our organisation. You can rely on receiving proper supervision. If you're ambitious, extensive training opportunities are available. And you'll see that your work is really valued.

Can't find a vacancy that fits your ambitions? Send an open application to hrm@kubo.nl and convince us of your qualities and value for our organisation!