Help feed a city with 24 million people?

KUBO CHAMPIONS BUILD TOMORROW’S WORLD. With next level grow concepts which facilitate local production of food in or just outside cities all over the world.

Help grow a clean world?

KUBO CHAMPIONS BUILD TOMORROW’S WORLD. With sustainable innovations which reduce CO2 emissions and the use of water and energy.

Help grow vegetables in the middle of the desert?

KUBO CHAMPIONS BUILD TOMORROW’S WORLD. With innovation greenhouse concepts which make it possible to grow crops in the most difficult places, without nutrients present.

More about working at KUBO

KUBO Champion - Build Tomorrow's World

Opportunities with greenhouses

Work that makes a difference. A real difference. At KUBO, you can make a real contribution to resolving global problems. With innovative and sustainable greenhouse projects, we respond to the growing demand for food, CO2 reduction and lower energy and water consumption. With more than 100 KUBO Champions, that's what we're working on. Every day. Doing things well. And doing good things. So that we can really make a difference for people and our planet. You couldn't be more on the ball.

In which job will you make a difference?

At KUBO you make a difference. In the job which suits you. So apply for one of the vacancies listed below and get to work. We will support you and help you fulfil your ambitions. Through training, but also by valuing you.

Can't find a vacancy which matches your experience or your ambitions? Send an open application to Together, we will then see whether and how we can use your talents.


Not yet convinced? Hear it from our KUBO CHAMPIONS. Colleagues who are dedicated to making a difference every day. For our world. For KUBO. And for themselves. Each with their own motivation and drive. Will you be joining them?

Rik van Teijlingen

Teamleader logistic

 "I work in a company where all the board members are younger than me. I really respect everything they've achieved. If you need anything so that you can do your work better, you get it. We were invited to provide input for the design of this new logistics centre and it was impressed on us that we weren't to consider the costs. We had to think in terms of the best possible solutions. That attitude says a great deal about this company.

Fit for the job

You achieve more when your body is healthy and you feel fit. That's why we developed the KUBO TOPFIT programme which every employee at KUBO can take part in. A programme based on healthy work, exercise, relaxation and a healthy diet. This includes exercising together, informative workshops, relaxing chair massages at work and fresh fruit and vegetables. Through various initiatives, we ensure a healthy mind in a healthy body. Inside and outside working hours. So that, together, we are fit for building for tomorrow.

The strength of KUBO

People make KUBO. That's why we devote all our attention to our employees, the KUBO Champions. As a family firm, that's only logical. You notice it in everything. The culture, how we interact with each other. But also how you can develop yourself. You can count on receiving good support and extensive training opportunities. And the KUBO TOPFIT programme for vitality and health. We do all we can to ensure that you fulfil your potential. Because only then can we push boundaries together.

The world as a playing field

KUBO operates all over the world. That's why you'll find our projects everywhere. Projects which all respond and provide an answer to the challenges and needs of all those separate areas. Whether it concerns the local climatological conditions or lack of energy sources. At KUBO, we enjoy developing solutions which fulfil any desires and requirements. And you can contribute. To help us make this list of innovative and pioneering projects even longer. Anywhere in the world. Are you joining us?

Glasspoint (2016) - 17.400 m2 - Solar Greenhouse - Oman

Building tomorrow’s world, together