FIt for the job

KUBO TOPFIT. Building for tomorrow.

You achieve more when your body is healthy and you feel fit. That’s why we are very involved in our employees’ vitality and health - the most important part of our capital is, after all, our staff. We express our involvement in the KUBO TOPFIT programme, which was launched in 2017: a fun, lively programme that every KUBO employee can join. And it’s more than just exercise.

The activities within TOPFIT are divided into 4 categories:
- Recovery/Mindfulness
- Sport Training
- Events
- Challenges

Within these categories we organize inspiring activities and clinics, such as bootcamp, padel competition, massage / physiotherapy and Health-week. You can also participate in various challenges and events. All of this is aimed at creating a healthy working environment and ensuring that our employees feel good about themselves.

Attention to your physical and mental condition go hand in hand here. Because obviously one directly influences the other. We launched the KUBO TOPFIT programme because we want to create awareness for the importance of a healthy lifestyle. So that our employees can deliver the top-notch performance that our customers have come to rely on every day. So that, together, we are fit for building for tomorrow.