The Olivier project was built for growing cucumbers. Cucumbers are grown under a high wire system and under diffuse glass. This project is one of the many Ultra-Clima greenhouses in France, which has embraced the Ultra-Clima for over 8 years now.

Project: Olivier
Country: France
Surface area: 20,000 m²
Crop: Cucumbers
built in: 2010 and 2016

Houwelings Tomatoes

Houwelings Tomatoes is a high-tech sustainable greenhouse which uses the waste heat and CO2 from the neighbouring factory for growing tomatoes. These tomatoes, which are grown all year round, are produced for the local supermarkets.

Project: Houwelings Tomatoes
Country: USA
Surface area: 120,000 m²
Crop: Tomatoes
Built in: 2014

Lipetsk Agro

In the space of five years, KUBO has built five phases for project Lipetsk and in 2019 phase 6 will be built in the same region. All the projects are Ultra-Clima projects and were sold in cooperation with our Russian agent FITO Agro.

Project: Lipetsk Agro, fase 1 t/m 5
Country: Russia
Surface area: 413,000 m²
Crop: Tomatoes/cucumbers
Built in: 2013 to 2017

Mts. de Jong-Franke

Mts. de Jong-Franke has been a loyal customer of KUBO for many years. This summer, construction started on a new project in Hoek van Holland for growing tomatoes.

Project: Mts. de Jong-Franke
Country: The Netherlands
Surface area: 82,000 m²
Crop: Tomaten
Build in: 2018


Cheminant is an Ultra-Clima project based in Carquefou, France. Cheminant has been a loyal customer of KUBO and our French agent Hortère Conseil for many years. Previously, Cheminant built various Venlo greenhouses and this year for the first time an Ultra-Clima greenhouse.

Project: Cheminant
Country: France
Surface area: 20,000 m²
Crop: Cucumbers
Build in: 2018

Lufa Farms

In the middle of Montreal is an Ultra-Cllima greenhouse with 'local for local' production. This successful Urban Farming project ensures that fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs can be at home with the consumer within 24 hours.

Project: Lufa Farms
Country: Canada
Surface area: 4,000 m²
Crop: Tomaten en aubergine
Gebouwd in: 2013