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Being a project leader at Kubo is never boring, realizing global projects in an ever-changing world. Completing a project with these challenges is a real thrill! Climate, transport, regulations in the different countries and so much more. In addition, consider the challenges that these projects present in terms of structural solutions. See below more information.

Who is KUBO?

KUBO Group now consists of approximately 240 employees who are active worldwide at our offices, in our own production facility in the Netherlands and at construction sites worldwide. We have now opened branches in China, Canada and the US and will continue to expand in the coming years. We are also proud of the fact that recently PDI, HAWE and SDF have also joined the KUBO Group. In this way we can offer our customers an even more complete range and we respond to developments in the market.

KUBO is the worldwide specialist in the field of innovative and sustainable greenhouse projects. We are a family business with more than 75 years of experience in greenhouse horticulture. With this knowledge and experience, we continuously focus on new developments and unique innovations for our customers. In this way we create an answer to the scarcity of nutrients, CO2 reduction and locally and safely produced food. KUBO leads the way with a sustainable view of covered cultivation worldwide. Our own research and development form the basis of unique innovations such as the Ultra-Clima® greenhouse.

Our vision is to really want to make a difference for people and for our planet. Working at KUBO therefore means building the sustainable world of tomorrow!

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Job description

As a Project Leader, you are the initiator of our "worldwide" high-tech greenhouse projects. You are the bridge between the customer, KUBO and all stakeholders and ensure that they can bring the project to a successful conclusion. You are responsible for the safe execution of the work within the set safety requirements and of course within the agreed schedule. Risk management, signaling deviations and contract management, you know how important this is to lead a successful project.

You are the point of contact for the site manager at our construction site, which may mean that you have to travel to a location from time to time. This makes your work extra interesting because you can see for yourself how a project is developing and what the current challenges are.

You work a lot with our calculators, various engineers, logistics, finance and our external partners, together with this team you ensure a successful project. As a Project Leader you are there for this team and guide and motivate them. Projects can go in any direction and sometimes it is necessary to motivate your team to guide them in the right direction again. In an ever-changing world with new challenges that affect your project, such as Corona, transport problems, safety, etc., we are looking for someone who takes action and thinks in creative solutions.




KUBO believes in growing the right talent! We think it is important that you have the right skills and we also like to train people to become successful in our sector. What skills are we looking for?

We are looking for someone who has several years of experience in project management in a technical, international environment. Minimum HBO working and thinking level and good command of the English language in word and writing.


Time and attention is what you deserve when you start a new job. This is what you get at KUBO. Your first day and the first month start with an extensive onboarding program consisting of introductory sessions from all departments, given by your new colleagues. You get to know your new colleagues quickly!

A visit to our own factory and BlueLab are also on the program. Your colleagues and our partners will always be there to help you if you wish, after all, we realize projects together! You will end up in an international and open culture with short lines of communication.

Every time we welcome a new colleague, we receive compliments about our onboarding process. We want you to feel welcome right away and to quickly find your way within our KUBO organization.

You will be working in a family business where people are central. Development is part of the identity of the organization. That is why we have our own KUBO Academy, which we are very proud of. Within your own learning environment in this Academy you can certify yourself, you have classroom (group) training and there is so much more.

We are a growing organization and work hard every day to further expand our leading position. This means many opportunities to develop yourself (further). Plenty of opportunities! All you have to do is grab them.

KUBO also offers you:

  • A market-based salary and other attractive benefits that we would like to discuss with you in advance
  • 25 vacation days plus 8 ADV for full-time employment
  • Pension and travel allowance
  • The possibility to work hybrid (option to work from home 1 day a week)
  • Collaborate internationally with our partners, customers and colleagues
  • Fun company outings organized from our PeeVee, how about our annual Christmas market and Christmas dinner, themed drinks to celebrate successes, celebrate Sinterklaas, day trip to Delft, beach activities, etc..
  • KUBO has its own vital program, TOPFIT. This was launched in 2017 and is now a household name at KUBO. Many fun activities have already been organized, such as a weekly Boot Camp, Boxing, participation in the Mud Masters with training beforehand and the Health Weeks, which are all about healthy eating and living.



You can apply on this page or if you need more information, contact our HRM department

Time to meet KUBO

KUBO is the specialist in building innovative greenhouse projects all over the world. Innovations are key in our line of business. Businesses have more and increasingly high demands regarding the quality of their greenhouses and installations. In recent years, KUBO has aligned its organisation to these demands. The organisation now has 90 employees working in the office, in the factory and on building projects. Together and with our partners, we can rapidly respond to new developments. Our unique innovations, such as the Ultra-Clima® greenhouse concept, are based on our own research and development.

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